Battery units

Battery systems - the heart of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Battery systems (accumulators) are in many cases the integral component of a secure and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Alternatively, they can also be used as starter batteries for emergency generators (emergency power systems). Their quality is therefore just as important as their precise integration.


Accumulators provide effective help when it comes to bridging temporary gaps in the power supply. They store electrical energy and are instantly available whenever they are needed. To ensure that this can be done quickly and reliably in all cases, NTC always uses comprehensive services and tailor-made emergency power concepts.

Battery systems for all requirements

The requirements of an in-house power supply depend on a wide range of factors, such as the size of the company, the use purpose of the system, the available infrastructure, and several others. This is why the optimum choice of emergency power system and components is different in every individual case.

Our experienced experts will be happy to support you in securing your optimum sustainable electricity supply. As a manufacturer-independent supplier of UPS systems and emergency power supplies, we are able to accommodate your specific requirements at all times and to choose for you the best-possible alternative from what is a sheer inexhaustible product range. We examine exactly which accumulators can offer optimum functionality in which local conditions and at what intervals maintenance should be carried out – for instance with closed, stationary lead batteries containing a liquid electrolyte (OpzS). Because not all batteries are equally suitable for your individual solution.

The safest way to your optimum battery system installation

Because just about every power supply is unique in itself, there is much that has to be taken into consideration right from the start. What safety factor does your UPS have or does it require? What about the size, arrangement and construction type of the battery systems (closed or sealed batteries)?And there are more items to consider too. We can help with all such questions – from A to Z. From the requirements analysis and the conceptual design of our battery systems to monitoring during ongoing operation.

Battery systems from NTC – benefits to you at a glance

  • Individual solutions, configured to your requirements, independent of manufacturers
  • Systems that comply with the latest standards
  • High availability and greatest possible security
  • Long service life
  • Maximum reliability of all components
  • Services from A to Z


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PowerSafe Vb


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Datasafe HX

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Datasafe HX+

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Datasafe NPX

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Genesis EP

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Genesis NP

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PowerSafe SBS EON

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powerSafe SBS

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PowerSafe V


Be sure to keep an eye on the battery unit of your emergency power supply! This will make sure everything continues to run smoothly, whatever happens.