UPS systems

UPS systems – uninterruptible power supplies

In data centres, traffic control centres, on sensitive production lines and in many other fields, systems for the uninterruptible power supply (UPS systems) save lives and secure data, avoid costs, ensure order, protect infrastructures, and prevent situations arising that can threaten livelihoods. And not only that: They are a blessing for critical consumer loads in the event of power supply irregularities such as voltage surges or brief supply interruptions.

Even if the German electricity grid is one of the most stable in Europe, mains disturbances or power cuts are not a rare occurrence, even in this country. It already seems that supply of energy are less secure, in the wake of the conversion of the general infrastructure to accommodate renewable energy sources. These irregularities have, if anything increased rather than decreased, due to numerous other changes that are also taking place on the electricity market. The logical consequence of this is: a UPS system is simply a must. A system like this ensures the vital continuity of operating processes, by employing accumulator batteries, inverters, and electronic controllers.

UPS systems are an essential and integral component of your security concept

Whatever sector you operate in and whatever the prevailing framework conditions: at NTC, we offer you individual and requirements-based UPS solutions in all operating modes. This means you can keep your operations, machines, production and services running constantly and without interruption. Whichever class of UPS system you prefer, NTC are your specialists when it comes to UPS systems.

An individual solution to suit any requirements

NTC will design and integrate your UPS systems in any required size and complexity. From small office mains supply systems to high availability systems in computing centres and on to uninterruptible power supplies on an industrial scale.

In all cases, we supply overall, manufacturer-independent solutions, components and accumulators that leave no gaps in your security architecture. Double converters etc. are designed in such a way that the specific security requirements of your company are met at all times with a custom-configured solution. The result: you have exactly the UPS applications that will secure your firm against power cuts and damage. And secure your ability to act.

Advantages to you at a glance

  • Continuous power supply for uninterrupted operation
  • Security at all times in the event of voltage fluctuations
  • Sustained infrastructure protection
  • Individual solutions, configured to your requirements, independent of manufacturers
  • Reliable round-the-clock service

Be equipped for all requirements with UPS systems

We take great care in selecting the right components for your UPS solution to achieve the optimum solution for your needs, and only use high-performance products from reputable suppliers. These include:

Equipped for all requirements

We take great care in selecting the right components for your UPS solution to achieve the optimum solution for your needs, and only use high-performance products from reputable suppliers. These include:





ABB Powerscale
.pdf288.5 KB


ABB Powerwave 250
.pdf468.5 KB

PowerWave 33

ABB Upscale ST
.pdf908.9 KB

Upscale ST

ABB Upscale RI
.pdf269.6 KB

Upscale RI

.pdf361.6 KB

Conceptpower DPA

DPA 250 S4
.pdf298.2 KB

DPA 250 S4

ABB Poweline DPA
.pdf574.2 KB

PowerLine DPA


Eaton 3s
.pdf83.1 KB

Eaton 3S

Eaton Eclipse Eco
.pdf207.2 KB

Eaton Ellipse Eco

Eaton 5s
.pdf92.7 KB

Eaton 5S

Eaton 5sc
.pdf135.6 KB

Eaton 5SC

Eaton 5p
.pdf160.1 KB

Eaton 5P

Eaton 5px
.pdf103.0 KB

Eaton 5PX

Eaton 9sx s
.pdf214.8 KB

Eaton 9SX

Eaton 9sx l
.pdf94.1 KB

Eaton 9SX

Eaton 9px s
.pdf227.8 KB

Eaton 9PX

Eaton 9px l
.pdf219.9 KB

Eaton 9PX

Eaton 91ps
.pdf89.4 KB

Eaton 91PS


Eaton 93ps
.pdf89.4 KB

Eaton 93PS

Eaton 93e
.pdf862.4 KB

Eaton 93E

Eaton 93pm
.pdf871.1 KB

Eaton 93PM

Eaton 9395
.pdf77.8 KB

Eaton 9395P


Huawei UPS5000 E FM
.pdf131.7 KB

UPS 5000-E FM

Huawei UPS5000 E BF
.pdf206.8 KB

UPS 5000-E BF

Huawei UPS5000 E 25-75 kw
.pdf182.8 KB

UPS 5000-E SM

Huawei UPS5000 S 200 kVA
Huawei UPS5000 S 200 kVA
.pdf172.2 KB

UPS 5000-S

NTC Tipp

Be sure to have your UPS system checked and serviced at regular intervals. This will ensure that you have constant protection as regards data security.