Office buildings

Office buildings - intelligent power supply solutions for IT

PCs, printers, Internet connections, data and e-mail servers, telephone systems, banking, etc.: In many companies these days, literally the entire workflow is dependent on a well-functioning IT environment. And these are in turn dependent on the existence of a secure, high availability power supply. A power outage caused by overload, lightning, storm, supply fluctuations or other electrical disturbances can therefore result in frequently high costs and expenses. Unless you have an emergency power supply partner on board who has appropriate experience.

In this information age, virtually no company is able to afford a power outage. Ultimately, uninterrupted operation is the most important requirement when it comes to securing competitiveness and profitable operations. The clock seems to go round ever faster, the tasks are becoming increasingly complex, and to serve the interests of the paperless office, there is much data that needs to be constantly available in digital form. A loss of data is not an option.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is therefore essential for all companies wishing to operate effectively and in compliance with all legal requirements. Only then is it possible to ensure a stable power supply. Even if no real power cut actually occurs.

At NTC, we are familiar down to the last detail with the diverse requirements that exist in office buildings. Which is why we can offer you power supply solutions that are exactly tailored to your needs and requirements. Our teams operate in accordance with the latest state of technology, and they do everything within their power to design and realise the optimum solution for your needs. As an all-round, manufacturer-independent supplier, we are able to choose exactly the products and systems that function perfectly together to provide the degree of protection that your equipment requires and ensure the highest level of availability. From single-phase or three-phase all-round worry-free UPS systems to intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) that protect your local terminal devices.

We will be happy to give you more details.

The advantages of an emergency power supply by NTC at a glance

  • Years of competence in the sector
  • Mature, fully individualised concepts
  • Holistic approach to solutions
  • Effective uninterruptible power supply from A to Z
  • Everything from a single source – from consultancy to installation to maintenance
  • Manufacturer-independent product range – from emergency generators to complex UPS systems