Banks and insurance companies

Banks and insurance companies - secure emergency power supply for digital services

Digital transformation is having a discernible effect on the banking and insurance sector, offering the industry many ways of enhancing its service portfolio and quality while also presenting it with several challenges. Secure access to online products, accounts etc. is as fundamental as constant availability.

As helpful as technical developments like the Internet of Things (IOT) are, they tend to result in increasing IT complexity, coupled with new expectations. Customer expectations are rising, from round-the-clock, seven-day-a-week availability to digital access to accounts and data. A sudden power loss without any reliable emergency backup can result not only in financial costs but also image losses. In the case of critical business processes, this can happen all too quickly. The damage suffered is hard to foresee over a long period. But one thing is certain: If a bank’s financial transactions or an insurance company’s benefit processing come to a halt, it is definitely not a trivial matter. After all, even medium-sized banking organisations conduct transactions every day involving several million euros. In such cases, an uninterruptible power supply that remains in a state of operational readiness for an extended period of time is of fundamental importance.

With NTC, you will be prepared for all eventualities when it comes to emergency power supplies. We give you the security of being able to continue working reliably and performing all critical business processes in the event of a serious power loss, as long as no third-party firms are involved in them. Our power supply solutions are precisely tailored to fit your requirements and needs. As a manufacturer-independent provider, we always select the products and systems that can be optimally integrated into your system. This ensures that we are able to configure and implement the best possible solution for your purposes.

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The advantages of an emergency power supply by NTC at a glance

  • Years of competence in the sector
  • Mature, fully individualised concepts
  • Holistic approach to solutions
  • Effective uninterruptible power supply from A to Z
  • Everything from a single source – from consultancy to installation to maintenance
  • Manufacturer-independent product range – from emergency generators to complex UPS systems