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Broadcasters - always on the air with emergency power

The conditions under which the media and broadcast industry operates are changing faster than ever. New digital transmission technologies require new media and formats, as well as another way of handling content. Many and varied ways are available of storing and retrieving data. The once highly respected medium of magnetic tape has long since been replaced by digital storage media. Everything is strongly rooted in technology. This means it is dependent on a reliable power supply.

It goes without saying: Neither television nor radio signals can be transmitted without electricity. In the worst case, this can result in high consequential costs, as a result of falling viewer ratings, lost advertising revenue and much more. All of this means that an emergency electricity supply is absolutely essential for ensuring the operations of radio and television service providers. But there is also one more far-reaching factor: Both public and private broadcasters perform an important function in terms of disaster control. So should it happen that there is a loss of electric power over a large area, both citizens and relief organisations depend greatly on the information that these companies provide. And they are grateful for any status report. Provided they are in turn equipped with battery or hand-crank driven equipment.

At NTC, we are familiar with these requirements and are ready to conduct an intensive analysis of your requirements and the conditions at your premises. At the end, you will receive a custom solution that takes all eventualities into account. In all cases, the installation is performed by an expert team of NTC technicians who will sustainably secure your power supply. Whether you require such a secure supply for broadcasting purposes or for internal operations, for a short time or for several days. You will be prepared for all eventualities.

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The advantages of an emergency power supply by NTC at a glance

  • Years of competence in the sector
  • Mature, fully individualised concepts
  • Holistic approach to solutions
  • Effective uninterruptible power supply from A to Z
  • Everything from a single source – from consultancy to installation to maintenance
  • Manufacturer-independent product range – from emergency generators to complex UPS systems