Professional Regulations

Manager Mike Stechel, Master Electrician (Federal Republic of German)
Competent chamber: Handwerkskammer Lübeck, Breite Str. 10/12, 23552 Lübeck,
Professional Regulations: Crafts Code


Editorial Responsibility

Jörg Böhme

Data Protection Declaration, Terms and Conditions of Use is an offering of NTC GmbH, Ahrensburg. The company takes data protection seriously. Your data is collected within the framework of the statutory regulations. 
Comprehensive information about these regulations is available from


General Information

Each time a user accesses a page on the NTC GmbH website and each time a file is accessed, the associated data is stored in a log file on the web server for a period of 90 days.
The data is stored exclusively for internal, system-related and statistical purposes.
Each time a file is accessed, a dataset is stored containing the following details:


  • Name of the accessed file
  • Date and time of access
  • Data volume transmitted
  • Report of whether the file access was successful
  • Description of the web browser version used
  • Requesting domain

The raw statistical data is automatically deleted after 90 days. 

Cookies: No cookies are generated on your computer when you visit our Internet site. Transmission of data with forms: In various parts of our Internet site, forms are made available to you which enable you to contact us or request information. The data you provide is used only for this purpose. This data is not stored on the web server, but is solely forwarded by automatic e-mail to the respective contact person in our company. The data contained in this e-mail is not disclosed to any third parties.

Liability Notice

In its ruling of 12 May 1998, the Regional Court of Hamburg determined that by providing a link, website operators also share responsibility for the content of the page linked to. According to the court, this can be avoided if the operator expressly declares that he distances himself from this content. Regarding links on our pages, we wish to emphasise that we have no control over linked texts, their design, any violations of valid rights, including trademark and title rights, or the content of linked pages. We expressly distance ourselves from the wording of links and from all content on all pages to which we have provided links, and we do not claim the contents as our own. This declaration applies to all links provided on our website and to all content of pages to which banners and links registered with us may lead.

We make every effort to ensure that the information published on our website is as precise and reliable as possible. However, we are unable to accept any warranty for the accuracy of all information published. Any and all liability is excluded in the event of any errors or omissions on our web pages.