Replacements and spares

Exchange and replacement in emergency power supply

Regular maintenance and occasional replacement of individual components are essential maintenance services that ensure the full operational readiness of your emergency power supply system. If you consult an expert like NTC, you can always be sure of receiving the best advice.

One of our experienced specialists will come and examine your system and conduct a fast and reliable analysis, so that you have immediate clarity regarding your maintenance costs. We are familiar with the various systems supplied by the top equipment providers, and we know what life expectancy the various batteries can provide, what maintenance intervals are advisable, and when it is necessary to replace hardware components. What is the advantage? You can rely on your emergency power supply and enjoy planning certainty at all times.


As a manufacturer-independent company, we are familiar with all the batteries available on the market, and we are able to locate high quality, matching batteries with the EUROBATT 2000 classification as replacement units. But before we do that, we take a look at your operational procedures, so that we can adapt the battery exchange process accordingly. This allows us to avoid down times, while keeping the intervention period on the system to a minimum.

Once we have installed the batteries, restored the system to operation and reconfigured the parameters, you can look forward to a system that is as good as new.

The procedure at a glance

  • Requirements analysis and planning, coordinated to your operational processes.
  • Professional removal of used batteries
  • Due and proper disposal
  • Installation of new batteries
  • Recommissioning and reconfiguration of parameters
  • Handover of system in as-new condition

UPS systems

The requirements of a UPS system can change over time. Ultimately, nothing is as constant as change. Which is why it always makes sense to perform regular checks of all relevant factors. Does my UPS still display adequate efficiency? Does the system still comply with the latest technical standards Is the type of current draw (new UPS: sinusoidal) still suitable? Are repairs worthwhile in terms of their cost?

Our expert teams will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your system quickly and professionally. They will also be happy to determine your company’s realistic current requirements. Upon request, we will then put together a concept that will restore your system in line not only with the latest legal and technical status but also your individual requirements. Our service extends from the design phase to the exchange of components to commissioning, and also includes instructing operating personnel.

Our service at a glance

  • Analysis of the current status
  • Planning a requirements-based change project
  • Professional removal of batteries and hardware
  • Due and proper disposal
  • Installation of new components
  • Recommissioning and load test
  • Handover and instruction of personnel