Transport infrastructure

Traffic Infrastructure - Emergency Power Solutions for All Crisis Situations

A power loss in a traffic or transport network is something that really nobody would want to think about. Except maybe as a horror scene in a Hollywood disaster movie. But there is always a better alternative to chaos on the streets, people trapped in underground trains, aircraft that have to be diverted, and other such scenarios. And that alternative is to trust in a partner like NTC, a partner who knows all about uninterruptible power supplies.

Everything has ground to a complete halt. This is how you might describe the kind of crisis that would occur if our transport infrastructure were to suffer an operational disturbance. Whether traffic lights and train signals, radar systems at air traffic control, or port operations – in the transport sector there are many critical applications that can lead to considerable bottlenecks and crisis situations in the event of a power loss. How it may be caused.

Our experts are prepared for identifying all critical applications in your transport infrastructure and can supply secure emergency power systems for periods of hours, days or even weeks. For this purpose, we have a range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS systems) and emergency generators available that we will configure to fit your requirements, selected independently of the manufacturer. Best of all: They have an additional benefit. All of our systems reliably supply power to prevent outages from occurring, and at the same time they also improve the quality of the mains supply. This automatically serves to optimise the service life of all connected equipment.

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The advantages of an emergency power supply by NTC at a glance

  • Years of competence in the sector
  • Mature, fully individualised concepts
  • Holistic approach to solutions
  • Effective uninterruptible power supply from A to Z
  • Everything from a single source – from consultancy to installation to maintenance
  • Manufacturer-independent product range – from emergency generators to complex UPS systems