Knowledge and experience

Adapted to everything

An eye for the big picture is just as important in emergency power supply as an eye for the details. That's why so many customers from different sectors rely on us.

Sector-specific solutions

Every sector has its own demands and unique challenges. This is also the case when it comes to supplying power, including emergency power. As an NTC customer, you will benefit from our years of experience and often profound levels of specialist knowledge in many sectors. We work closely with the customer and are able to develop innovative solutions that are tailored precisely to his requirements.

IT/RZ operators Emergency power | Server room

Operators of IT systems and data centres

High availability is the benchmark for an operationally secure computing centre. And for good reason: Nowadays, no company can afford to suffer an information technology system failure. AT NTC, when it comes to the field of IT and data centres, we take a holistic approach based on our extensive experience. If required, around the clock. Seven days a week.

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Telekommunikation Notstrom | Glasfasern


The field of telecommunications enables technical communication of all kinds and is essential to our information society. Its task is to ensure that systems have reliable connections. And this is also its greatest success factor. In this context, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is of elementary importance. We can supply the relevant solutions to satisfy every requirement.

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Research and Development Emergency Power | Microscope

Research and development

Without research and development there is no progress. And without electricity, there are no valid test or trial results. What you have instead are down times, investment leaks and other consequential damage. Which is why we at NTC support you in every way possible way when it comes to configuring suitable solutions for your specific requirements.

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Banken Notstrom | Wechselkurs

Banks and insurance companies

Banks and insurance companies face new challenges as a result of digital transformation but at the same they enjoy new possibilities in terms of service and performance. Frequently, this concerns critical processes which require a secure power supply. Because any breakdown in the supply can result in extensive damage. With NTC you will be prepared for all eventualities that might affect your emergency power supply.

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Industrie Notstrom | Industriegelände


Every machine breakdown or production standstill and loss of operation in security systems as well as process monitoring and IT equipment costs money. For this reason, an emergency power supply has long been regarded as an essential component in industry. But such a system is only really secure when it is perfectly tailored to your system scenario. And we know just how to do this.

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Buerogebaeude Notstrom| Buerogebaeude von außen

Office buildings

In an office building, nothing can work without electricity. Ultimately, the work process depends essentially on information technology. At NTC, we are well aware of the varied requirements presented by office buildings, and we offer you a range of intelligent power supply solutions tailored to your needs. With products that work together smoothly and reliably.

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Rundfunk Notstrom | Mischpult einer Radiostation

Broadcasting companies

Broadcasting stations have an important mission. They are there to supply us all with television and radio services. And they also play a fundamental role in disaster prevention. It is therefore essential that they enjoy constant operational security. At NTC, we are very familiar with this field and offer you our expert knowledge combined with redundant solutions to suit your requirements.

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Verkehrsinfrastruktur Notstrom | landendes Flugzeug

Transport infrastructure

There are no two ways about it: Without an emergency power supply, entire cities can grind to a halt in the event of a power loss. Which is why our experts are trained to identify all the relevant parameters. And to develop solutions that offer high levels of security and are tailored precisely to your infrastructure.

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