Risk and vulnerability analysis UPS

Every analysis begins with a discussion. You tell us what you need, we ask questions, record the answers, and keep our sights on the project as a whole. This is the most effective way of finding out your wishes and requirements.


Once we have determined your requirements, the next thing is to draw up an inventory. Together with you, we examine the local conditions and the existing technical installations and determine the current supply reliability at your location, taking into account the present energy supply, load behaviour and any load graduations. We subject everything to close scrutiny – from energy saving potential, risks and weak points, fire load, potential hazards caused by water and fire, to existing electrical diagrams (wiring diagrams).

We then take this data and compile a wiring diagram based on the current conditions. We also perform long-term measurement, record currents, powers and performance factors, examine possible redundancies, and define the requirements of your supply quality in writing. So that it is all there in black and white.

Overview of the procedure

  • Determining your wishes and requirements
  • Drawing up a site inventory including a check of the energy saving potential, risks and weak points.
  • Compiling a wiring diagram
  • Long-term measurement to determine currents, powers and performance factors
  • Provision of documentation