Starter batteries

Starter batteries for emergency generators

All OGI starter batteries supplied by us in accordance with. VDE 0100 Part 710 + 718, EN 50171 + 50172 are closed stationary lead batteries with a liquid electrolyte. Delivery is in the form of a complete kit, including fixtures. On floor racks including acid collection tray or in plastic troughs.

To ensure that you are able to react quickly and flexibly in the event of an emergency, we have these starter kits in stock at all times.

Contents of our starter kits

  • Plastic trough or rack with electrolyte collection tray
  • OGI battery block with nominal voltages of 4, 6, or 12 V depending on capacity
  • Standard block connector
  • Standard terminal cap
  • Acid syphon
  • Filling trough
  • Filling funnel
  • Operating manual in plastic pouch
  • Type plate
  • Terminal grease