Holistic electrical energy supply concept

When it comes to conceptual development, we are probably unique on the market. We take an integrated approach when drawing up an electrical power supply concept – one that covers all areas in which current flows. Beginning with feeding in your current from the public mains, the distribution system, emergency generators and UPS systems, to final distribution to the end consumer. We also make a close examination of the building itself to enable us to identify any weak points. To make sure that you are always on the safe side. 


Whether it is a new or an existing building with a simple or complex structure, we are there to help. This remains the case even if another supplier has compiled your risk and weak point analysis or wiring diagram for your existing building.

We conduct a detailed examination of the existing power supply system. After balancing this with your needs, we define your supply quality requirements and potential for optimisation, in terms of availability, redundancy and efficiency. The latter of course also applies to new buildings.

Once we have determined the marginal parameters, we then compile your individual proposal for an energy supply concept, taking into account relevant standards and regulations. We are always aware of the basic requirement of ensuring ongoing operation while the works are continuing.

It is self-evident that our suggestions make sense: our employees all have plenty of practical experience behind them and they have a precise knowledge of the requirements and interrelations concerned.

Always the optimum solution

The conceptual basis consists of the wiring diagram, also referred to as the single line diagram. In accordance with this diagram, we select the components you require for an integrated solution that suits your requirements, neutrally and independently of manufacturers. We choose exactly those components that match your requirements ideally. Where necessary, we refer back to the analysis to be sure that everything has been ideally coordinated. Only then do we present the concept to you.

Have we managed to satisfy your expectations? If so, together with you, we then put together the conceptual design for your new energy supply system. And we also compile an offer for the individual works or the delivery and keyturn installation of the overall system.

Good to know

With every concept, we explicitly identify those modules that represent the biggest weak points. Then you know what steps need to be taken first, to avoid possible damage or breakdown. From ‘first aid’ to ‘all-round safety’ - with NTC it is all possible. And you are free to choose.

Overview of the procedure

  • All-round check of risk and weak point analysis (for existing buildings and also third-party suppliers)
  • Holistic definition of the supply quality requirements, in terms of availability, redundancy and efficiency – all the way from feed-in to the end consumer
  • Optimum structural, organisational and operational measures are derived in line with the project
  • Drawing up the proposal for your individual new building or the change or supplementary project for your energy supply system
  • Presentation and explanation of concept
  • Final definition of concept
  • Compiling the offer