Emergency power technology with project management and implementation

The concept is complete. The contracts are signed. The project can begin. But before things can actually get going, there are many serial and parallel processes to be set in motion. Because only when all the parameters have been well-planned, carefully checked and precisely scheduled, are we able to act in accordance with the claim that we have stood by for years: to perform reliable, professional and high-quality work.


If you have a good plan, you are half way there. This is something that we realise again and again. Which is why we always take a concentrated, structured and holistic approach to the way we work.

Project planning and performance check

Every project begins with an examination of your order by the team leader. This includes a check of the performance scope. This enables us to ensure that we have sufficient capacity, employees and work materials available and that we are able to stick to the envisaged timetable. At the same time, your order is forwarded to the order processing department. This is where all the data is checked and recorded. After this, we take care of the implementation details and all the relevant framework data. Of course, we also work out the optimum composition of the project team; we give you the names of our commercial and technical contact partners in our order confirmation. A workflow plan is also drawn up at this stage. And progressively expanded on. Starting with the deadlines to be adhered to and ending with the delivery dates of the products, tools etc.

On-site discussions

This is the point at which things start to get serious. Our project manager arranges a site inspection and discusses all the relevant jobs and parameters with you. He is also subsequently available at the site, particularly when he is taking part in construction talks or coordinating multiple works.

Works and assembly planning

Right after the site inspection, our project manager compiles a works and assembly plan. He does this in close coordination with you. This is particularly important where requirements and wishes that can mutually exclude each other or may result in delays or hindrances are concerned. In this case, we work together on finding solutions that will bring about the best result for all those involved.

In the next step, we compile extensive drawings, overviews and electrical plans. Operating parameters are calculated, ventilator and exhaust systems dimensioned, and optimum room use defined, all taking into account the precise spatial conditions of your building. We then send you the final installation plan in writing.


Logistics is another area that we take into consideration right from the start. Our project team manages all the stages of work and clarifies all the tasks involved, from simple delivery situations to complex assembly scenarios. Of course, this also involves splitting deliveries into manageable shipments, so that whatever components are currently needed are there on time, to enable the work to be done without unnecessarily blocking storage space.

Logistical project monitoring

Our internal project surveillance monitors all orders and deliveries continually throughout the entire project, checks the delivery times of the ordered components, and ensures that all systems and components are at the right place at the right time. In the event of delay, delivery bottlenecks or similar situations, we look for adequate alternatives and coordinate our suggestions with you.


Last but not least, it is... time to roll up our sleeves and get started – from installation to finalisation and commissioning and on to acceptance and instruction. And all of this under hand and seal, and with complete plant documentation. Either in line with the NTC standard or according to your individual wishes.

To ensure that you stay completely on the safe side with your new system, we draw up an individual service agreement for you, at the latest by the end of the contract. For a high-availability, uninterruptible and energy-efficient emergency power supply at all times.

Do you have any further questions after the order has been completed? Our project manager will continue to be at your service.