Individual solutions

Customized configuration

High availability is the combination of perfectly matched components. We will find the right equipment for you.

Our products. Your security.

Whether emergency power generators, UPS/diesel UPS systems or batteries: NTC supplies only high-performance, tried and tested products made by leading manufacturers – without licence contracts or other constraints. The only deciding factors of which manufacturer and brand to use are the size, task and requirements definition of your system. This is an approach that pays off: you always obtain the solution that ideally suits your individual requirements. With no ifs or buts.

USV-Anlage |  Anlage zur unterbrechungsfreien Stromversorgung

UPS systems

NTC designs UPS systems that are tailored to your requirements. For small office networks and large industrial systems alike. For all equipment levels and complexities. Because smooth operation depends on each and every detail. In the event of voltage surges, brief interruptions in the voltage supply, fluctuations in the mains frequency, or even complete power outage. Irrespective of how high your requirements are.

Austausch und Ersatz für Notstrom | Notstromexperten an einer Maschine

Replacements and spares

Do you expect full availability of your emergency power supply over a long period of time? We secure your expectations, check your system in terms of performance, rising demands, technical developments and more, irrespective of its manufacturer. Have you determined a need? Then we can exchange or replace the relevant components. With suitable products. Whether for batteries or UPS systems.

Notstromaggregate | Netzersatzanlage

Emergency generators

Whether large, compact or high-power, as a standard or a custom solution, we can supply you with emergency power generators to suit all requirements. Professionally selected and installed. For in-house installation, as a container solution, and much more. Taking into account all common standards.


Battery units

When combining battery units, there are a few things to take into consideration. After all, each use case is individual, and the number of systems on offer is large. So it is good to know that at NTC, we are sure to recognise which solution fits in best in your individual situation.

Batterieüberwachung | BMOS 3000

Battery monitoring

How do you secure the functionality of your battery system while at the same time minimising maintenance requirements? Simple: with our modern BMOS 3000 measuring system, which automatically performs all relevant test and documentation procedures.


Diesel UPS systems

Are you looking for a reliable and compact UPS unit that is able to supply critical loads cleanly with power? We offer you fixed-installation and container systems of between 100 and 2,750 kVA, with diesel engines that effortlessly fulfil all current environmental regulations. Without batteries. Completely in line with your requirements.

Mietanlagen | Handschlag

Rental systems

Are you looking for a quick replacement for a defective piece of equipment or an interim solution to fulfil your delivery deadlines? We can provide you with powerful batteries, emergency generators, or UPS systems, available to hire. To ensure that your emergency power supply is secured at all times.

BlackoutGuard | Notstromversorgung fürs Eigenheim

Private Emergency Power

Where would we be without our computers, telephones, refrigerators and coffee machines? Things would be quite limiting. This is why we have developed the Blackout Guard, your reliable emergency power supply system for private home use. With useful additional functions.