Private Emergency Power

Private emergency power supply for your own home - the BlackoutGuard

We take the reliability of our electricity supply for granted in our modern lives, not just in businesses but also at home. To ensure that the power supply really does stay constant, NTC has developed BlackoutGuard, the emergency power system for better security, enhanced mobility and increased functionality in your own four walls.

An emergency power supply for use at home not only means you can rest better, but you can also be sure that even in the event of an extended power cut, all your important equipment will continue to be supplied with power. You refrigerators, freezers, kettles, microwaves, cookers, heaters, computers and printers will all remain in operation.

A private emergency power supply can be as simple and convenient as this

Our BlackoutGuard system comprises two components: an internal unit, which is installed into the building’s electricity distribution network, and an external unit, which is mounted either on the wall or in a floor-standing column. In the event of a power loss, it is a quick and easy matter to disconnect the house network from the grid of the energy provider and enable the emergency power generator to access your home circuit. All the electric loads in the house will continue to operate completely as normal. Once the central power supply is restored, this is signalled automatically by the BlackoutGuard, allowing you to safely and conveniently restore the mains supply.

One device, multiple applications

Do you own an electric or hybrid motor vehicle or do you use one at work? The external unit of the BlackoutGuard can be operated as a charging station for electric or hybrid vehicles using the CEE socket. It is also ideal as a secure and simple power supply for three-phase equipment, such as concrete mixers, circular saws and shredders.

The BlackoutGuard from NTC - Advantages to you at a glance

  • Reliable emergency power throughout the house
  • Easy, user-friendly operation
  • Compact feed switch-over between the grid and the emergency generator
  • Additional charging device for electric and hybrid motor vehicles etc.
  • Three-phase current supply for shredders, circular saws, etc.
  • Ensure your quality of life with 24-hour-a-day power availability, 365 days a year

Read more about the secure emergency power supply for your home on the BlackoutGuard website and in our BlackoutGuard brochure.

Do you have any more questions? Just give us a call. We will be happy to advise you personally.