Stationary emergency generators

Stationary emergency generators

Stationary emergency generators, as the name already says, are designed for permanent installation at a particular location. They are configured in line their respective applications, requirements and safety levels. In other words, they are tailored individually and optimally to your local conditions.

Power output

85 – 2.900 kVa


400 V – 10 kV


Rectifier units, motor drives, frequency converters, sprinkler pumps, air-conditioning units, UPS systems, etc.

Advantages of stationary generators

  • They are weatherproof
  • Their low noise emissions make them environmentally friendly (to neighbours as well as flora and fauna)
  • They are maintenance-friendly (they have sufficient space)
  • They have a long service life

Technical specifications (installation drawings)

Are you interested in receiving detailed technical specifications? We have compiled a selection of installation drawings, available in our Download area.

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Please note that technical specifications only represent guide values, which can vary slightly depending on the brand in use.