Container generators

Container generators

Container generators are walk-in emergency power systems that are generally used as flexible, movable substitute power sources. They are however planned and realised as permanent systems.


Depending on requirements, we use mineral wool of between 50 and 100 mm to provide noise and heat insulation in our container generators. For more stringent noise emissions requirements, we also offer an alternative solution in the form of special sound pressure panels. The inner lining is in the form of a perforated metal sheet.

All generators are installed in a standard-dimensioned (10, 20 or 40 feet) or custom container. Power and equipment features are configured precisely in line with your purpose of use. Site and local environmental conditions have a major effect on the system. They play an important role in the system’s design and dimensioning.

Power output

85–4.000 kVA


400 V–20 kV


Rectifier units, motor drives, frequency converters, sprinkler pumps, air-conditioning units, UPS systems, etc.

Advantages of container generators

  • They can be installed outdoors
  • They do not require any construction works on the building
  • They offer a high degree of mobility
  • Their location can be changed at any time
  • They are available rapidly (the unit is supplied ready for operation)

Dimensions of container units

The dimensions of your container unit vary according to their power and equipment features. Please get in touch with us for precise information.