Diesel UPS systems

Diesel UPS systems - reliable even during long-term interruptions

Anyone looking for a secure uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solution will know that there are different systems available that cater for a wide range of demands and applications. The choice of the right system is determined by numerous factors, which is why it should be left to professionals. We at NTC have great experience of UPS systems, including diesel rotary units, and we will be happy to give you the support you need. This will ensure you a system that is tailored to all your requirements in terms of power, robust performance and service life.

Modern diesel rotary UPS systems are the most reliable and highest quality UPS products on the market today. They ensure a clean supply for critical loads and have smaller space requirements than conventional static UPS systems, thanks to their compact construction. In addition, they can be equipped with a wide choice of diesel engines. Configured completely in accordance with your needs and taking into account the latest environmental regulations.

The best of everything - your individual diesel UPS system

Whatever you need, with us you can always be sure of finding exactly the solution you are looking for, whether for your university, industrial plant or other needs. We offer fixed-installation and container systems able to supply power to critical loads of 100 to 2,750 kVA. Compared with conventional static or hybrid systems, the output voltage has a perfect sinusoidal waveform. Requires no batteries or electronic components of any kind.

All systems in our portfolio are suitable for use as uninterruptible power supplies to bridge extended long-term power interruptions with a 100% high-quality power output. Alternatively, the power output can be divided between UPS (critical range) and mains replacement operation.

Good to know

For very high power requirements, it is possible to connect up to ten diesel UPS units together in parallel with no operational problems.

Diesel UPS Systems from NTC - Benefits to you at a glance

  • No battery units required in separate rooms
  • High short-circuit current
  • Low voltage distortion in the event of short circuit
  • No generation of harmonics
  • No transmission of voltage harmonics from the grid to the secured load or current harmonic waves from the load to the grid
  • High operational security thanks to simple construction with few components
  • Compact construction (low space requirements)
  • Largest individual module available: 2,750 kVA
  • No air-conditioning required (ventilation is sufficient)
  • Parallel operation is possible
  • Can be operated in a medium voltage grid

Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to analyse your individual situation and to locate the right product for your needs from our manufacturer-independent assortment. We will ensure competent and efficient integration of your new diesel dynamic UPS system into your system.